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We provide translation services in almost every language for a wide range of expertise and industries. Our translation professionals specialize in technical, medical, computers, alternative medicine, tourism, law, internet sites, personal, and more, as well as software translation and localization. Read more...




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E.G.B. Translations Employs more than 100 accomplished translators across the globe who were born and educated in the country of the target language, have relevant academic degrees, and professional translation experience, each living in the country where their native language is spoken.

E.G.B. Translations is a professional translation company that understands that translation services have not only become mandatory in the global market place, but have also proven to be very difficult to obtain. That is why itís important for you to choose a professional translation company.  Erase what's here at the end - superfluous

E.G.B. Translations has the resources and strategic partners around the globe to fulfill the need for language translations in any language or industry.

As a first-rate translation services provider, our translation process/work method involves native, highly skilled and experienced translators who will translate your document into the target language. An equally qualified translator will subsequently edit and proofread each document.




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Now wonder that EGB Translations is the perfect choice of international firms. There are few translations services where companies from so many sectors can get access to a team of professionals that understands the terminology of the specific field. Read more...


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