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Our company

EGB Translations employs more than 100 accomplished translators across the globe that were born and educated in the country of the target language, have relevant academic degrees, and professional translation experience, each living in their native language country. Read more...



Our Translations

At EGB Translations, the translation process goes beyond the literal meaning. We take into account the context and the culture to adapt your materials so that your local customers will not even notice that they have been translated.

EGB Translations provides translation services in more than 100 languages, including: all Far Eastern languages, all European languages including East European languages, South-American Spanish dialects and many more.

Whatever language you may need it is not Greek to us!

We translate in numerous fields of expertise including: legal, technical, medical, scientific, academic, marketing, financial, advertising, hi-tech, websites and much more. Contact us for more details.

We also have a special creative writing department in many areas of specialization managed by the best creative writers in the world.

We translate and edit the following:

  • Software and hardware manuals and guides
  • Web sites
  • presentations
  • Marketing and advertising brochures, catalogs and advertisements
  • Tender bids, inquiries, proposals
  • Reports and studies
  • Legal documents
  • Magazines, periodicals, scientific journals
  • Multi-lingual labels for various products
  • Books and articles

All the above will be produced in the format of your choice: electronically and/or in hard copy in the language of you require and in the file format you desire.



Our clients

Now wonder that EGB Translations is the perfect choice of international firms. There are few translations services where companies from so many sectors can get access to a team of professionals that understands the terminology of the specific field. Read more...





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